Please see attached Literature Review and edits made by my Professor. Please re
Please see attached Literature Review and edits made by my Professor. Please rewrite this based on her edits: Her comments: --I have spent some time with your literature review and realized that much of the content you wrote about belongs in Chapter 4 -- Data Analysis. You have the bones of a comparative case study -- Amazon, eBay and Shopify. More detail is needed but you have a great start on that chapter. Even pulling out the case study parts from Chapter 2 you still have plenty of appropriate information but you need more of it. You also need many more citations -- you are reviewing literature so you need to be citing your sources. The attached document shows all my comments. I took the liberty of separating your original content into Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 so it would be easier for you to see how I am recommending you reorganize your content. Separating it also shows you where gaps exist and more content is needed. I can only attach one doc per email so you will be getting two additional emails from me on this topic. --Attached is the reorganization of Chapter 2 after I removed case study pertinent content. Look at the first page of the comments I sent to you attached to my previous email and you will see areas where you can add to what remains of Chapter 2 (as shown in the attached.) --Here is the content I pulled from Chapter 2 that I think belongs in Chapter 4. Make sure each case has the same headings and contents therein so you can compare and contrast approaches and draw conclusions as to their effectiveness in Chapter 5. Attached is also powerpoints explaining how each chapter should be. This paper needs to be 5 chapters/35 pages. Chapter 1: Introduction - This chapter includes a description of the problem under study, the research question that the study seeks to answer, and a brief description of how your research will benefit your sponsoring organization (Significance of Study). Briefly describe how you will conduct your original research and document any potential limitations of the methodology you selected. (This information is rooted in your review of literature and depends on the research methodology/design you have selected to use to study the problem.) If you do not have an organizational sponsor (internship or current employer), identify how your research might be used within a professional security setting. Chapter 1 should be 8-10 pages. Chapter 2: Review of Literature - Use the annotated bibliography as a start and build from there, focusing the content on what experts have researched and conclusions they have drawn about the problem you have identified. Use headings in the text to break up the content into logical topic areas – broad to narrow. Chapter 2 is typically the longest at 10-15 pages. Lots of citations are required in this chapter. Chapter 3: Methodology - This chapter defines your research methodology, your research sample, research instrument, etc. The research method you choose will be driven by the literature (how have experts studied the problem before you? What are the common techniques they used to answer questions such as the one you have posited?) It will also be driven by whether you are working in a professional environment. Chapter 3 is typically the shortest – 3 to 5 pages. Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Findings - In this chapter, you document how you analyzed your data, present the analysis, and report the results of what your research revealed — just the facts. Your opinion as to what it all means and whether or not the research answered your research question is for Chapter 5. The length of Chapter 4 depends on your research methodology, but 8-10 pages is realistic. Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations - This chapter is where you interpret your findings and answer your research question. Bring together the experts’ opinions from Chapter 2, compare and contrast with your own findings, and make recommendations for policy/practice improvements or modifications based on your conclusions. This chapter should be 6-10 pages.

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