Please review carefully all the instructions in this order. Please use current s
Please review carefully all the instructions in this order. Please use current scholarly references for this work. Please use APA 7. *I have uploaded the Guidelines for the 2 Hypertension. Getting Started Sometimes there are different groups that publish guidelines for a given disease. This is often the case for cardiovascular diseases. One must be familiar with the different recommendations and choose what is appropriate for the patient. Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to: • o Compare/contrast pertinent cardiovascular guidelines. o Understand and recommend treatments for cardiovascular diseases. ________________________________________ Resources • Textbook: Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Physicians Assistants • Lexi-Comp (available via Up-to-Date) or other suitable drug/disease reference. • Suggested treatment guidelines/recommendations for this workshop ________________________________________ Instructions 1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. 2. As a Group, complete the assigned topic below. 3. There is a forum established within your Group location on the main menu in Communications to allow for discussion and collaboration prior to the final post. You may divide the work up however you desire. All group members will receive the same grade for quality and timeliness since this is a Group assignment. The interaction grade will be based upon each student's individual interaction with the group and statement that other groups’ assignments have been read. 4. As a Group, complete the following: *a. Group 1: Compare and contrast hypertension treatment recommendations and goals of therapy for the 2 hypertension guidelines included in this workshop. 5. Designate one team member to navigate to the Guideline Summary threaded discussion below and post your Group's response. 6. Post your response by the end of day five of this workshop. 7. Individually respond to all of the other group's postings by the end of day seven of this workshop. Response only needs to state that the posting has been read

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