Please respond to each peer post below. For your response posts, address the fo
Please respond to each peer post below. For your response posts, address the following: How do your peers' examples illustrate how popular culture and society are intertwined? Sarah I would say I recognize pop culture most throughout my life within music I listen to, streaming tv shows and movies I watch, as well as using social media daily. Each of these activities are things I do on the daily, to fill the time between going to work, eating, and sleeping lol. I think that the things we see and hear, and the people we are around impact our view of society and the 'norms' we see trending greatly. As time goes on and things get more digital its much easier to connect with all kinds of people and learn from other walks of life to have a more rounded perspective on things in life. Being in the business industry pop culture is something owners/managers can use to open up their space and create a feeling for the people involved with their business, ensuring they don't feel like they are just numbers. It also helps put a magnifying glass on certain things that seem to be popular for a certain amount of time, for a certain group of people who have some interest in common. It is important for the profession I go into, to be present and on top of all the latest trends and keep up with the current pop culture within my society. Alex I engage with popular culture every day by streaming tv shows and movies. My husband and I are currently watching an Amazon Prime show called Upload. I also enjoy viewing posts on Instagram and watching videos on TikTok (animals, DIY, and cooking videos are my favorite. During my work day, I listen to music on Spotify. Sometimes I will also listen to podcasts. I also enjoy reading mystery novels and thrillers. Although I typically use social media to relax, lately its been causing me more anxiety so I find myself taking more frequent breaks. Pop culture can have negative and positive effects on society. Some people choose to participate in different areas such as social media and some do not. For example, I use social media but my husband hates it. Although people may not think they participate in pop culture, everyone does one way or another whether thats the music they listen to, books they read, tv/movies they watch, etc. Events that are occurring in the world can either strengthen a community or pull it apart. An example of this is the recent SCOTUS decision or the recent NBA championship. Pop culture truly does influence everyone's life in one way or another. For my career, I would say pop culture influences the customers I serve. When a new trend emerges, customers want the latest and greatest. That being said current trends are something I would want to keep track of to make sure that I am providing the best service and offerings to my customers.

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