Please reply to this essay that one my classmates post. The thing that I need is
Please reply to this essay that one my classmates post. The thing that I need is a reply OK In my post I will address the learning outcome: Examine the influence that nursing models and theories have upon research and practice. I will discuss the potential of social support theory in managing the parents of kids with chronic mental illness of professionals or nurses relative to social networks and personal relationships. Nurses or professionals are better at providing informational support relative to the social networks and personal relationships unless the latter two groups consist of nurses or professionals in social support provision. In particular, nursing hinges on the practice of the provision of professional care and hence their recommendations are effective in dealing with care-related support. According to Hrybanova et al. (2019), fathers rated nurses highly based on FaPPS on nurses who provided informational support on how to handle their kids during their first time in a study to determine the experience of fathers on professional social support. The appreciation of the nurses' information means that the nurses understand what is required of fathers during childcare; their recommendations are effective in helping these fathers ease into parenthood as first-time male parents. To this end, parents of chronically mentally ill children could benefit from nurses' insight and precise recommendations to help them manage their kids and themselves. In contrast, Whitlatch & Orsulic-Jeras (2018) share that family support did not provide target education and information to primary caregivers. To this end, the social connections and personal relations with social support cannot be a credible source of informational support for parents of kids with chronic mental illness unless they are professionals as the nurses in the care of first-time fathers above. In addition, the nurses are also effective providers of instrumental support relative to the social support because nurses are demanded by the practice to provide the support. In contrast, people from social connections and personal relationships have no obligation to provide such critical support. In particular, nurses or professionals are paid to deliver these services. Their adherence to nursing principles such as the Belmont code of Ethics and the Nightingale Nursing Creed binds them to the profession, hence the service provision. Therefore nurses or professionals who act professionally provide better care. In conclusion, nurses would provide better care than the personal psychosocial support system to parents of chronically mentally ill kids. References Hrybanova, Y., Ekström, A., & Thorstensson, S. (2019). First‐time fathers' experiences of professional support from child health nurses. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 33(4), 921–930. Whitlatch, C. J., & Orsulic-Jeras, S. (2018). Meeting the Informational, Educational, and Psychosocial Support Needs of Persons Living With Dementia and Their Family Caregivers. The Gerontologist, 1–16.

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