Please read the case study “Urban Spring: Building a sustainable social enterpri
Please read the case study "Urban Spring: Building a sustainable social enterprise" and write a business report. Report Requirement: 1, Find out what ethical issues the "Urban Spring" discribed in the case study (discribe). 2, What do you think of these issues (analysis). 3, Combine the "knowledge learned" to solve their issues (solutions). 4, Prove that your solutions work (Evaluation). What issues are at hand? Identify these and then analyse what was done. You must apply the seven-step model to that analysis but make sure you do more than describe what happened. Make some determination of what was good or poor practice, and consider why you made that judgement based on what you have been learning (you need to consider what they did well and what could be done better). "Knowledge learned" (Concepts and theories that must be included in the report): 1, 5Ws 2, Pestel analysis 3, SDGs (enviorment protection etc) 4, At least one Ethical framework (Consequence framework, Duties framework and etc) 5, Stakeholder theory 6, 7 steps decision making (Remember you must use these seven steps applied to your case analysis - These are NOT the subheadings of your report. You must also locate and apply other models from the course including ethical frameworks and stakeholder theory.) Quote Requirement: 5 references needed, please quote from the provided cases (the other two cases) and please finding at least 3 additional papers to support your work. Please use the following Journals: Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Learning and Education Academy of Management Perspectives Academy of Management Review Business Communication Quarterly Business Horizons Management Journal of Business Communication Journal of Management Education Journal of Management Information Systems Organization Science Organizational Dynamics Format requirements: • 12-point font, Ariel or Times New Roman • Harvard referenced • 1.5 or double line spaced • Double return between paragraphs • Left justified • Min 2.5 cm margins

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