PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! I am in a Masters Program. The assignment as
PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! I am in a Masters Program. The assignment asks to do a 10 page powerpoint not including the title and reference page. When choosing a content area- be sure to look up the state of GEORGIA!!!! I want to do my powerpoint over the 1st Grade Social Studies. Instructions As you explore this week's Learning Resources, you will see that connecting standards from more than one content area into a lesson helps students become more engaged in learning and allows them to use several skill sets and multiple experiences to enhance learning. The importance of connecting standards across the curriculum lies in how it helps children understand how and why these concepts matter. One of the most effective strategies for ensuring that children are connecting big ideas across the curriculum is to ensure there are materials available that explore the big idea, and that the materials are appropriate for all the young learners in the class. For this Assignment, you will research and design a book set that could be used in your classroom. To Prepare: Select a grade level in K–6. Locate your state standards online. Select a science or social studies content area in which you would like to create a book set. This content area should be from a different grade level than the presentation you submitted. The book set should be comprised of at least 10 books that create a unit. The unit should target one content area and include fiction, nonfiction, and informational texts. Select books that address the needs of the emergent, beginner, and fluent reader. By Day 7 Submit a Word document or PowerPoint file on a literacy page on your website and in the Blackboard classroom. Include your website on the cover page of your Assignment so your faculty member can visit your website. Include the following for each selected book: Grade level selected Reading level of each book (grade equivalency) Genre (fiction, nonfiction, or informational) For which type of reader (emergent, beginning, or fluent) Brief summary of the story or information Explanation of why you selected this text and how it fosters literacy skills and a love of reading I will post the powerpoint to my website. I just need this completed. Please make the powerpoint geared towards a elementary, 1st grade setting. Thank you!

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