Please Read Everything carefully this is my second time paying for this paper, B
Please Read Everything carefully this is my second time paying for this paper, Because my last writer did not use the LSCS Library Research Data BAse please use it my teacher gave me a second chance to write the paper. The link Below is my school library research data base LINK- Research Databases | ( This is my Business class. Please only research what he is asking for Which is in bold. If its asking for login in Information My Library Bardcode is -23136003402703 PIN -6216 If That doesnt work just click below it and use my lonestar email addres and password which is Password is - Sunshine1 Please Read eveything carefully. Research Paper Conduct research on a U.S. Corporation that trades stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ). Companies listed on those exchanges are “publicly traded companies” and are required to disclose information to the public. -You must use at least five LSCS Library Research Databases available online. If you use sources that are not from the LSCS Library Research Databases or if you use sources such as Google and Wikipedia, you will earn a grade of “F”. However, do go to the Yahoo Finance website at to get financial information about your corporation. Put in the stock symbol for your company in Yahoo Finance to see financial charts and graphs. -Here’s how to write your Research Paper: Write an analysis of the corporation in four steps: Company history Company products or services Company marketing Company financial profile All papers must be submitted in MS Word format. (The College provides MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 free of charge to students. See details on the LSCS homepage.) Put your name and course number in the top left corner on the first page. Your paper must be at least 5 full pages, double-spaced, with page 6 for the bibliography. Papers must follow MLA or APA style. Do not use more than three sentences of quoted material in your paper and do not write an entire paragraph with quoted material. Papers must be written in correct paragraphing, reasonably correct grammar, and correct spelling. Write the paper in your own words. If you quote lines from your sources, use quotation marks with a citation in parentheses (Library 101 teaches you how.) WARNING: Do not plagiarize by copying word-for-word from your sources. Write the paper in your own words. If you turn in a paper that has been plagiarized, you will receive an “F”. Plagiarism is a serious violation of college policy, and it’s also against the law. Library 101 tutorial explains how to avoid plagiarism.

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