Please place your name, the class/section, professor’s name, ‘Final Exam Essay’,
Please place your name, the class/section, professor’s name, ‘Final Exam Essay’, and date in single space on the top left of your typed responses. Make your essay double-spaced, well- written and carefully proofread, and as close as possible to 2 pages of actual text apart from headers and footnotes. Use Times New Roman 12-pt. type or equivalent. Submit on time on D2L under ‘Assignments’ tab. The final essay is only accepted 1 day late (by 7pm) at 15% deduction, nothing later accepted. Please title your essay with one of the one-line titles given below. If you use a direct quote or very specific idea from a source, cite it in parenthetical form (incl. pg # where applicable) with a works cited page or in a footnote including author, the title of a book or journal in italics, year of publication in parentheses, and page number – or cite the URL if from a scholarly web source. See the example below (if you use Word, click: References/ Insert footnote).1 Be aware that web sources with “.com” endings are not usually reliable, and Wikipedia should be avoided since it may or may not be reliable depending on the topic. Plagiarism is a serious offense, so avoid taking others’ words unless you’re using quotation marks and give proper citation. TurnItIn will be utilized in the D2L system. Do not overquote, rather write primarily in your own words, only using direct quotes if limited and highly effective. The minimum source requirement is at least one citation from Standage’s book. That means referencing specifically where it is used within your text. Do you remember the key to a good essay? It is clarity – first in your head, then on paper. First, as you read the appropriate chapters in Standage jot down an outline of your ideas; then write out a solid thesis statement (that is, your answer) that you set up in an Introductory paragraph; and then unfold your explanations with specific points throughout the essay. Clarity requires some specificity, so include dates or centuries, for example. Proofread carefully. Answer one of the following questions: 1 / Standage Offers a Drink to History According to Tom Standage, how do wine and spirits provide a window onto world history and – to some extent – the present? Do you agree with his analysis of how crucial these two drinks were? Explain carefully. OR 2/ Which product has had a greater impact in history, coffee or tea? [Explain carefully, making use of Standage. You can concentrate most of the essay on the impact of one of these, but since you are comparing against the other you should also describe its impact at least briefly

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