Please help with my worksheet. Here is the background information… Eats break
Please help with my worksheet. Here is the background information... Eats breakfast at 8:30, gets out of bed at 11... back into bed after lunch and bedtime at 5:30pm. The focus of care (priority for client from their persepective): Needed help changing wet brief Maslow need (which level of maslow need does this represent): Physcial/Elimination Assessment (subjective and objective data): SUBJECTIVE Medical history (CVA, HTN, Hypothyrodism, Dyslipidemia, GERD) prefers to stay in room alone widowed, has daughter that lives locally receptive and expressive dysphasia Please help with the following: - provide hypothetical objective data, related to the above information. - State a SMART (specific, attainable, realistic, time sensitive) goal for achieving client-centred focus, based on "focus" of care stated above. -Create a plan(based on client-centred goal, describe plan of care and priorities. Please know that no personal information is being disclosed as this is a made up scenario. If you have any questions please ask. Thank you.

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