PLEASE AUDIT THE BELOW WORD DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO THE COMMENTS AND REVISIONS LOCATED IN THE ATTAHCED BASED ON THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.. Part One Detailed Instructions Students will obtain a public company’s recent Form 10-K filing with the SEC and, consider it is for your audit, prepare an analysis of business risks affecting the financial reporting process and develop an audit plan (overview level) for the company selected. Students will choose a project that no other student has chosen.; First person who posts it, gets the company so have a couple in mind in case the company you choose is taken. Remember...upload your part here. Do not cut and paste. Your responses MUST be your own words and analysis, not copy & pasted source work. Visit the SEC’s Web site ( to obtain a copy of a recent Form 10-K filing by a publicly held company with stock actively traded on the New York, NASDAQ, or other over-the-counter exchanges. Use this 10k and EDGAR resources to complete your responses to the following: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS- What is the company’s industry? What are its primary products? What raw materials does the company use? How large is the company: (Types of assets, where located, etc. Share the details for sales and employees too, where are the most located and what makes up sales?) sales assets employees Where is the company located? What other people/companies are closely associated with this company? Look at the Form 10-K: What information is included in Item 1 and Item 1A of the Form 10-K? How might that information be useful to the audit during audit planning?

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