Play Analysis/ Ball method in Death and the King’s Horseman play
1.First you have to read Backwards and Forwards by Ball. 2. Read the play Death and the King’s Horseman by Soyinka. I have attaching both readings. 3. Using Ball’s method in Backwards and Forwards, please describe the “triggers” and “heaps” that make up the central action of Death and the King’s Horseman. Make sure your chain is equally precise backwards as well as forwards. Format this analysis however you like, but it should be Clear to read Require no further explanation that isn’t on the page. No word count. Note: this will be graded complete/incomplete based on whether I feel you’ve met the terms of the assignment. And trust me, it’ll be useful for our discussion in class. *I am sending examples of Trigger and heaps but from another play (Antigone) so you have an idea how the assignment is done. But for the best development of this is to read the method Backwards and Forwards (Ball) as the professor has ordered.

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