planning, Designing and creating Presentation slides
ULOs Examine steps for delivering a successful presentation and for giving effective presentations online. Assess the decisions involved in using a key visual and selecting color, artwork, and typefaces to create effective slide designs. Create effective slide content. Adapt the three-step writing process to reports and proposals Examine effective report content and topics commonly covered in the introduction, body, and close of formal reports. Directions At this point in the course, students have covered 17 chapters and have been introduced to a variety of concepts to gaining valuable professional skills. Identify five business communication skills that you have learned for the first time or developed during this course. Every submission must include at least two concepts from Part 5 of the textbook (Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15). You must specifically reference the chapter and page number of these two specific concepts somewhere on your slides. (You want to include this information directly on the slide itself. Placing it in the notes section of the presentation means that I won't see it in the Canvas grading system. Most students just place a small note at the bottom of each slide in a smaller font size. ) Presentations that do not reference at least two concepts from Part 5, and do not specifically cite the page number and chapter for those concepts, will not receive credit for that element of the rubric grading. Create a structured slide presentation that describes each of the five skills you identified. You may use any visual style that you feel is appropriate for the assignment. Review and implement the materials presented in Chapter 17 to create your slide presentation. Students may use Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Keep the following requirements in mind as you develop your presentation. These are all graded elements: Follow the 5x5 rule for text in presentations — see page 499 – Creating Effective Slide Content Limit each slide to one concept Include a title slide and a conclusion slide Use bulleted phrases, not sentences Use short, informative slide titles Use images, shapes, clip art, etc. to help illustrate key points — you must have images in your presentations! Page close attention to appropriate color choices – see page 497 – Table 17:1 Use color for emphasis, readability and contrast – see page 496 – Selecting Design Elements Paraphrase the information using your own words – do not copy textbook information word-for-word, even if you quote - the idea is to demonstrate you understand the concepts Provide chapter and page number information for the two business concepts you’re covering from Part 5 (at bottom of each slide) Include a citation slide for the textbook at the end of your presentation (separate from title and conclusion slides)

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