Persuasive Essay First Draft

Daniel Odusola-Stephen

PHI-105- 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Grand Canyon University

March 8, 2022.

Reading Stimulates the Imagination of Children and Expands their Understanding of the


No matter how old you grow, there's always that one book you remember reading from your childhood. You don't just recall the experience because of the storyline but also the feeling you got while reading the book. Normally, you will remember how reading the book captured your imagination and triggered your mind/brain to picture an entire world for you to explore. Like you felt, reading helps children have imagination and create virtual scenes in their minds. Research has shown that children who develop imagination through being read to or reading by themselves tend to have a great memory and the ability to create imaginations and scenes in their brains. In this essay, I will discuss the main benefits of reading in children.

To Foster Comprehension Skills.

It would be best if you allowed your children to read out loud. When they read aloud, they get to develop the skills and abilities to comprehend words. Many people prefer reading silently. However, experts argue that reading aloud is important, especially in improving your memory (Levy and Preece, 2018). When you form words and then say them aloud, you get to enhance your memory in that you will remember those words in due time. According to research, saying words physically build's up to your memory capacity.

When we talk of comprehension skills, we have several types of the same. These include:

· Being able to pinpoint the primary ideas as well as key details

· The ability to recognize events in a paragraph and arrange them in the right sequence

· The ability to understand and answer Recall questions

· The ability to understand the flow of the story and make predictions of the next scene

· Being able to recognize new vocabulary

According to Levy and Preece (2018) hearing words helps understand and absorb ideas easily. Experts claim that listening is one of the most effective strategies to apply while reading. A bigger percentage of children find it harder to comprehend written words compared to dictated or said words.

Children should be provided with lots of practicing books at the right time. Parents and guardians must provide enough reading books and materials but let it be at the right time. If the children develop a passion and love for reading, they need to have easy access to books and other reading materials (Levy and Preece 2018).

Teachers, parents, and guardians should regularly talk to children about their reading. Well, learning without feedback could not be as effective as expected. That's why parents and teachers need to talk with their children concerning their reading and help them know their mistakes. This way, they will learn even faster and effectively (Bano and Qutoshi, 2018).

Comprehension skills in children can be developed through various strategies. These include:

· Reading aloud

· Availability of enough reading materials

· Rereading to enhance fluency

· Discuss what you are reading

· Consulting the teacher.

To Increase Vocabulary

Reading is one of the most important skills for kids. It comes along with several advantages. One of these advantages includes developing the ability and skills to identify new vocabulary. A vocabulary refers to the words that a person can read and comprehend. When your child knows more vocabulary or words, they can read and understand whatever they are reading (Brooks and Fraser 2021).

According to brooks and Fraser (2018) Vocabulary is key to comprehending what you read. If your child doesn't understand most of the words in the reading materials, they will not understand the information on it. Therefore, it is important that children keep learning new words and understanding them. This way, they will become good readers, which translates to being a good listener with a better ability to create imaginations.

Therefore, it is right to conclude that vocabularies can improve communication when reading, listening, speaking, or even writing. This means that the more vocabulary you learn, the more effective your communication skills improves.

Vocabularies can be used to evaluate the reading expertise of a child. If a child can identify as many vocabularies as possible, they are good with reading and vice versa. When they choose the right words for the right context and start relating the words with real-life situations, you know they are well conversant with the vocabulary. If a child has good vocabulary knowledge, they will have a good performance at school (Brooks and Fraser, 2021).

The importance of vocabulary in children is reflected in how it can improve communication in areas like speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Expose the Child to a New World of Fantasy.

When a child reads regularly, the optimal patterns of brain development are stimulated. When a child reads or listens to a storybook, they create imaginations and corresponding scenes in their brain. This has been correlated with building the memory capacity of your child's brain. A good example is when an individual recalls the lines and events from a storybook they read or listened to many years ago (Stievano and Antonietti, 2019).

According to Stievano and Antonietti (2019) reading captures children's imagination through adventures, characters, and illustrations. Over and over, various research has proved that children who read and create relative imagination of the events in a storybook develop a sharp memory and sharp comprehensive skills. The more they read, the more they advance their knowledge. They get open to more ideas and better understand various situations and things. When the child reads, they let the word describe an image and manipulate it in their minds.

Children can improve their social skills as they relate to the characters of their books. While reading, they get to create their unique world on their minds and explore it. In the process, they get to understand the characters better and thus create better social skills. There is a link between reading and children's imagination, social play, and social interactions (Stievano and Antonietti, 2019).


The importance of reading in children can be highlighted on the various benefits like the

improvement of the child's communication skills, improving their vocabulary and exposing the

child to new worlds of fantasy.

Comprehensive skills allow the child to develop their communication skills like reading

and speaking. This is important as the child grows faster and can communicate fluently.

The same applies to vocabulary in children. Studies have highlighted the importance of

vocabulary in the child's overall performance. Reading also expands the child's imagination, making it easier to connect with their peers.

Final remarks:

Reading is important for the development of children. However, most countries are still behind in encouraging reading in children, making it impossible to benefit from reading.

Implementing strategies for encouraging reading in children will ensure they develop their



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