Personification (giving personal or human/living attributes to a non-living thin
Personification (giving personal or human/living attributes to a non-living thing). This lesson next explores your ability to analyze an object or idea and describe or explain it in more vivid language than the typical dull vernacular. Describe the particular object or idea as if you are it, without using obvious & trite words, but rather using vivid, specific, and even metaphorical language. For example: I am a meadow or field by a clear lake at sunset. I am the feel of soft lush green grass beneath one’s feet as one scampers along the way. I am the cool breeze against one’s face, a breeze that flows from the crystal clear water which sparkles and shimmers nearby. I am the sound of birds overhead looking for a place to nest as twilight beckons and hues of gold and crimson and deep violet paint the evening sky. What am I? Choose 2 of the items below, and write 3-5 clear vivid good-sized sentences describing each one without specifically saying what each one is. Do not pick your own topic; choose from the ones below.) I am a love poem I am a limerick I am a Frisbee I am a lottery ticket I am a rap song I am a meatball on a plate of spaghetti I am an elegant dinner at a fine restaurant I am a final math exam I am a piano I am a snowy afternoon I am a three year old having a birthday party I am a carnival with rides, games, and lots of people I am a teddy bear I am a cathedral I am a college graduate walking to the stage to receive my degree I am a young boy o

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