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LDRS 310: Personal Mastery Paper

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Trinity Western University, Langley BC Canada

BA in Leadership

17 March 2022

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Personal Mastery Paper

This paper explores my life-long personal mastery of leadership experience in four reflective moments: the past, the future, the analysis, and the synthesis.

The Past

Starting from a tender age, I did view leadership as an interactive process that would result in positive results. It is clear that the leadership role models that were functional well and had positive results in the society did embrace the same principle that involve different parties coming together through having clear conversations with the different parties. The different parties will have an easy time coming together with an easy leadership practice that does focus on making sure that they do achieve their practicality. The strategy that saw a democratic approach towards life made it easier to shape and come up with a positive interaction that did influence me to become a positive leader. Numerous societies that do embrace and practice democracy tend to have a progressive strategy that would help make sure that all approaches lead to the right outcomes. As a child, I did participate in some leadership roles but I did have an easy time to engage and come up with a practical solution towards any arising problems. It is important to understand that even at a young age, and indulging with people of almost a common age, it was easy to come up with practical solutions that would help make sure that there is a right strategy towards overcoming any issues. In the middle adulthood, I did not take leadership responsibilities and some of the people took leadership responsibilities and some did take consultative approaches, others did engage in an autocratic style where they held all the powers. It did help with a proper understanding of how different approaches can result in different results and efforts which did change the way that they do communicate.

The Future

Self-leadership is an essential principle that would make sure that there is a right strategy towards the success of the society. I am learning to become an open-minded person with leadership strategies that will help make sure that I can accommodate different people with varying opinions. There is an intention to help adopt authentic leadership that will help make sure that I can achieve the best principles that will help shift the way that I view the leadership principles which will help make sure that there is a right approach.

It will be important to incorporate teaching seminars and other practices that will help make sure that they can achieve their interactions which will change and shape their behaviors and interactions towards leadership. The adoption of inclusive leadership practices will help make sure that there is a positive outcome which will help make changes to the way that they do improve their standards and functionality.

Organizations do have numerous employees with varying personalities, expectations, opinions among other indifferences. The organizations need democracy but hands-on leadership approach because of the varying expectations which will influence the employee’s productivity and general work performance (Manz, 2019). There will be an open office plan which will involve easy communications and lack of barriers across the departments to help elevate the concept of authority across the organization.

SMART leadership development goal will include becoming more adaptable to change whereby it is important to come up with the proper strategies that will help improve the changes. Adaptability to change helps an individual become an all-round person with numerous expectations and different ways to overcome such challenges when they do occur.

The Analysis

As a leader, I have the best personality traits that include listening to other people and taking their thoughts into consideration. It is important to understand people are different and as a leader one should take such details into consideration to help make sure that they can easily achieve the best goals. Listening to people is an important strength as a leader because it will help understand the followers with ease and try to get rid of restraints between the different parties.

The main challenge towards achieving the leadership goal will mainly include the fact that there is need for consistency and support from the subordinates. The fact that there is need for consistency in following through all directives is a main challenge because of the workforce. Subordinates have to provide a supportive role to the leader which will become a major problem because of varying and changing interests (Laura & Green, 2020).

The personality trait that includes the green personality whereby I can easily engage different people with ease and this improves their interactions. The fact that the personality makes me an individual that needs to equal scales is a major problem which will help change the way that they do view their lives and approaches which is not appropriate. The personality trait will help make sure that it is easy to understand and cope with different people and how to handle them in various situations. The concept is a major boost to the general outcomes that will change the general leadership practice which is vital and productive.

The Synthesis

As a leader, it is important to try and have role models that will help make sure that they act as a sense of direction towards achieving the best outcomes. A role model will help make sure that there is a clear path and structuring in leadership that will help push them towards achieving their best principles. Communication is an important part of my leadership strategy because it will help focus more on the clarifications and making sure that they do shape their goals and outcomes. It is important to achieve their goals and strategies which will change the way that they have to improve their outcomes. The strength in communication will help make it easier to shape the way that they do interact and this will be important in shaping the general outcomes of the leadership (Kark & Van Dijk, 2017). It is important to strengthen the concept of communication which changes the general narrative which is vital in making sure that there is a clear path and direction. As a self-leader, it is important to build confidence within before pushing it upon other people to help make sure that there is a clear understanding that will help shape the way that they do contain. Leadership will require a flow of ideas with ease, managing and coping with different situations which changes the way that they have to interact and indulge within the workplace. It is important to try and facilitate an open environment at all costs where all the different parties have to communicate with ease and indulge with each other without a proper understanding. Leaders have to learn to embrace change and try to manipulate it which is vital in making sure that there is a positive potential in outcomes.


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