Personal Mission Staetment
Planning begins at the strategic level with top managers who focus on long-range goals and objectives. And a cornerstone of any strategic-level plan is the creation of a purpose statement (AKA the mission or vision statement) that outlines a company's reason or purpose for existing. Well-written purpose statements establish a clear direction for a company, and effectively guide decisions and actions at every other level in the organization. Poorly written statements create ambiguity and a lack of direction, and make it difficult to set and achieve goals. For this assignment, you’ll reflect on your own purpose and create a personal mission statement. Writing a personal purpose statement is an important step that will help guide you in articulating and ultimately achieving your goals. Visit this website (Links to an external site.) for some great information on how to write a personal mission statement, along with some examples.Pay close attention to what a mission statement is and the components of an effective one. Keep your personal and professional goals in mind as you craft your statement. It's a good idea to get feedback from people that know you well (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) to determine if you are on the right track. Do they agree or disagree with your assessment of who you are and what you are trying to do? Above all else, resist the urge to create a slogan, motto, or a tagline. These are not synonymous with a purpose statement. Read about the key differences here (Links to an external site.). Your statement should clearly and specifically outline your mission and your purpose in life.

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