Peer review
Instructions: I have provided the given article in the link below. 2. Digest the article. You’ll want to read the whole article but keep your purpose in mind and focus on finding what you need rather than digging into every piece of information. There will be a lot of information that is irrelevant to your goal. You may also need to do some additional reading in sources other than your article to get a deeper understanding of the topic. 3. Translate the article. Keeping your focus on your audience’s needs, attitudes, and knowledge, tell them about the research. Think about how to hook their interest and then satisfy their questions and curiosity once their interest is hooked. 4. Test your translation. Find an audience and have them read your translation to see if they accurately understand your message. 5. MLA, Length: 2-3 pages (500-750 words) This is a peer reviewed style essay. Please create a catchy title and also cite at least 2 authors, outside article, etc.

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