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The question regarding the ethics of telling customers that their information has been accessed in a data breach is inherently determined by legal standard. Informing individuals this has occurred is a requirement in all fifty states, including in Iowa (Code, n.d.). Ethically this is not up for debate either as if a company’s actions, or inactions, have caused damage or potential damage to someone, then you must inform them so they can take precautionary next steps. If a kid is playing with a baseball and he hits a house, breaking the attic window, they have to tell the homeowner. What if they do not notice for months, but in the meantime, water, bugs, and more seep in causing significant damage, past simply repairing a window? The internet is no different in this case. The company will want to be mindful of the language they use when they release this information, and what they are going to do to make it right to their consumers, but in the end, they will have to inform them, or face legal and likely commercial consequences. Ethically speaking, what does Tyra have to gain by telling their landlord that Myra is housing someone illegally? Moreover, what does Myra have to lose if Tyra turns her in? Myra could lose her home. Or Myra’s boyfriend could become homeless? If Tyra tells, it could create additional tension between roommates as Myra may not know who turned her in to the landlord. In this case, Tyra’s potential action of telling the landlord about Myra may cause damage to Preston. Also, what if the landlord decides not to do anything despite what the lease says? How will that sit with Tyra? Will that increase tension though causing a negative living environment for all tenants? There are just a lot of unknowns in this case. Ethically speaking, unless other evidence is presented such as Myra’s boyfriend is increasing the costs of shared utilities or some other added expense, there is no direct impact on Tyra and she would be best to speak to Myra about her concern. References Code, I. (n.d.). Chapter 715C Personal Information Security Breach Protection. Des Moines; Iowa Legislature. Please use the Barnes citation, the Sisario citation, and the Tzafestas citation for citing thanks. Citations need to be perfect according to those three.

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