Part One – You’re detailing me 80 hours of work experience, be sure that it’s at
Part One - You’re detailing me 80 hours of work experience, be sure that it’s at least a page of reflective content. What did you do, what did you learn, what would you have done differently, etc. - This is NOT simply a regurgitation of what you did...this is a work EXPERIENCE, what did you experience and how has it impacted your SPTE vision. Part Two - You will need to have access to the required textbook to appropriately complete this section. If you do not have access to the textbook, you’ll lose 33% of the associated points for journal submissions. - Were relevant questions answered in a manner that displayed a strong depth of understanding of the question? Part Three - Was a conversation with a co-worker conducted? - Did this conversation cover appropriate career topics? - Are you asking about not only the job but also the organization, the path, goals, etc? Journals are not difficult assignments are should not be overwhelmingly time-consuming. However, attention to detail is key. Journals should be double spaced in a 12pt font, you will immediately receive points off if they are not. You all have completed at least your sophomore year of college at this point...double spacing assignments, catching grammatical errors, following attention to detail should not be a challenge for you. Journals are designed to be a translation of your learning experience – if you treat them like a chore, they will be nothing more than that. Expand upon your work environment and detail for me what you are getting out of the experience. Show me that it has and continues to be worth your time, and detail ways for improvement if it is not. The formal rubric for journal submissions can be found within the syllabus that you have read, be sure to consult there first if you have any additional questions. The Internship is with Columbia SC Fireflies baseball team in the box office, that-s who the paper is based on essentially. You won't be able to do part two but part one and three is what I'll need hel-p on. I attached how it's suppose to flow to this.

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