Part E: Template – Performance & Termination The final project consists of 6 par
Part E: Template - Performance & Termination The final project consists of 6 parts (Parts A-F), a final write up of the entire project, and a final presentation. You will receive feedback and a grade only on the portions due in that module. It is your responsibility to incorporate the feedback you receive into your final submission before the end of the course. You should review all the module learnings and utilize what you’ve learned throughout the course. Part E: Template - Performance & Termination Strategic Sourcing includes ongoing supplier management, not just completing the deal. In your next submission, be sure to address the following: Performance metrics - provide how the supplier will be measured and what type of ongoing monitoring will be done? What happens if the supplier is not meeting agreed-upon performance metrics? Account management processes - how will the account teams work together? Termination & Requirements - what are the causes for termination and what will occur when the contract terminates. online-course-icons_icon-info.png Assignment Requirements Assignment Submission: To meet the minimum requirements of this assignment, each student must upload the template selected with the information for items 8-10 listed above. The information must be filled in the proper template sections. Dont forget to upload the template used Comments from Customer Discipline: Supply Chain Management

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