Part 1 Write a script for a two-minute (300-350 words) public service announceme
Part 1 Write a script for a two-minute (300-350 words) public service announcement (PSA) for a non-profit organization of your choice. The script should be designed to be read as an audio message on the radio or on a podcast. Use your creativity to grab the attention of your audience and compel them to take your nonprofit client’s desired action. Part 2 You will also need to submit a creative brief of at least 500 words  to describe your campaign and writing choices. Details: Part 1. Your ad script must include the following: -A creative headline that serves as the tagline of your campaign -At least 2 of the poetic techniques covered in textbook (Chap. 13-3a) -At least 2 examples of ethos, pathos, or logos (13-3b) -A call to action - what do you want the listener/reader to do? Part 2. Also include a creative brief in the same document. The audience for the creative brief is the advertising manager at your firm who will be presenting your ad to the nonprofit client. The creative brief should include the following elements: Brief description of your nonprofit client and its mission The specific purpose/ goal of your ad Your target audience Description of the insight (This is the psychological understanding you have about your audience in regard to your goal) you have based your ad around and why The poetic techniques you have incorporated and why you’ve selected them How your ad uses ethos, pathos and/or logos to appeal to the audience + Anything else your advertising manager needs to know about your choices for this ad Chapter 11 in the open-source textbook includes additional information on the purpose of the creative brief. You may include some of the additional elements mentioned in that chapter, but only the elements mentioned above are required. Please cite your sources. You may cite information using your choice of MLA or journalistic style. Other than that, no particular format is required.

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