. Part 1 Write at least 300 words answering the following question: Describe h
. Part 1 Write at least 300 words answering the following question: Describe how subnetting allows a large network to be broken down into smaller, more manageable networks. Be in APA format including your references. At least 300 words long (not including title, references). Do not re-state the questions. Include two sources (i.e. two references) Part 2: Review the instructor's suggested changes to the ER diagram and conceptual design for your project. Make the appropriate changes. Then start working on a relational schema for your project. Do this by forward-engineering your ER diagram using the techniques discussed in class. Map all entities and relationships correctly. There should be at least four tables, and there may be more. Be sure to specify a primary key for every relation. Include foreign keys as appropriate. Give each foreign key attribute a descriptive name, especially if it is not clear from context. A good way to do this is to use the name of the relationship in the ER diagram that the FK came from, combined with the name of the primary key the FK is referring to. Make sure all the attributes in a single relation have different names. Try to make the names descriptive, but not too long. Use ERDPlus.com to construct the relational schema diagram. Export the diagram as a high-resolution PNG and upload it to Canvas. The relational schema is due by the due date on Canvas. The instructor said This looks good. There are just a couple issues I'd like you to address. The diagram states "Hospital employs many Doctors." That makes sense. But then Hospital has a Doctor id FK attribute. That would mean a hospital has only one doctor. Is that a mistake, or does that mean Hospital has one specific doctor that is in charge of everything, or something like that? The other thing is that foreign key attributes should not be present in an ER diagram. They are represented in the relationships, so if you list them out as attributes as well the diagram is cluttered and redundant. Other than these, I think it looks good. Please make these fixes before moving on to the relational schema.

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