Part 1: Research Proposal (15 points) – Introduction (.5-1 page) Please
Part 1: Research Proposal (15 points) - Introduction (.5-1 page) Please write an introductory paragraph about your topic and its importance in relation to cities today. - Literature Review (2.5-3 pages) Please write a summary of background literature on your topic. Include at least five (5) sources. For each reference, please state the author’s main points as well as the parts of the reading that relate directly to your topic. Please be sure to include both in-text parenthetical citations as well as list of references at the end of your paper with any sources you cite. - Research question and research methods description (1-1.5 pages) Please clearly state your research question, describe the problem you are seeking to better understand, and identify the specific area of the problem you are interested in. Also, please write a summary of research methods you will use to answer your question, including a justification for why you plan to use those methods. Part 2: Findings & Analysis (15 points) - Data source and methods description (1-1.5 pages) Please describe the methods you actually used to answer your research question and your data sources (i.e. an overview of individuals you interviewed, demographics of individuals you surveyed, a summary of the secondary sources you analyzed, the space you observed etc.). - Data summary and key findings (2.5-3 pages) Please summarize your data as follows, depending on your research methods: o Interviews/surveys: What did people generally say in response to your questions? o Observations: What did you generally see/hear at your field site? o What were highlights from your data that directly answered your research question? o What were highlights from your data that surprised you? - Discussion (2-2.5 pages) Please use your selected theoretical paradigm (that you first introduced in Part 1) to explain your findings further (i.e. why did people answer the way they did?) - Conclusion (.5-1 page) First, please summarize your paper: topic, theory, research question and methods, and key findings. Second, please discuss any limitations and implications of your research. Part 3: Final Draft & Presentation (10 points) - Peer review rubric feedback (no minimum) Ask at least one classmate to read the drafts of your Part 1 and Part 2 assignments and use the rubric to give you feedback. Please also submit a draft of Part 1 and/or Part to a Writing Center tutor for feedback. - Revision plan (minimum 1 paragraph) Write a summary of your revision plan based on peer and professor feedback. - Revisions Combine Part 1 and Part 2 into a cohesive paper and revise each Part according to peer and professor rubric feedback. - Final Draft submission Submit the final draft by the due date listed in the syllabus. You are required to revise your rough draft according to peer/professor feedback. Papers are required to be 10-12 pages, APA format (exceptions can be made for use of field-appropriate formatting style such as MLA or Chicago Style). Submission of your final revised paper will count as the final exam/assignment for the course. - Final Oral Presentation (2-3 minutes) Please record and post (onto Bb Discussion Forum) an audiovisual presentation for your project, to be recorded and uploaded at the end of the term.

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