Part 1: Reading Analysis There are 5 readings that I have uploaded. you should r
Part 1: Reading Analysis There are 5 readings that I have uploaded. you should read of them and write an analytical essay based on all 5. you should talk about how each reading is related/linked. it is an architecture class (history of arch) so you have to talk about the buildings, ideas, concepts and all those things. the writing should be 2.5 pages long and each page should contain 275 words. talk about the similarities and differences and connect them in a way to make it an analytical writing. Part 2: Timeline (Throughout the semester, students are asked to develop a graphic timeline that examines and represents the narrative of history. Students shall interpret and construct critical connections and intersections that are explored within the framework of the course and found in their own research. Students shall research (2) individual buildings, ideas, or events for each lecture topic and place them on the timeline (along with a few key points such as title, year, place, designer, etc). The timeline is intended to develop and evolve across the semester, with students discovering and plotting connections between buildings, ideas, and events across history. Submissions shall be submitted in PDF format. Indesign, Powerpoint, or any other non-PDF files will not be accepted and will result in the student receiving no credit for that submission. For the final timeline submission, students are required to submit a full timeline that captures the arc of the course, showing analytical thought and connections between moments in history. Students shall provide a one-page synopsis which explains their timeline and the historical analysis they have developed. Timeline format is to be determined by the student. This assignment is intended to be a graphic exercise. Structure and legibility are required; Creativity is encouraged the timeline should include the previous timeline I have done and should therefore be a document that grows with each submission. In addition, many of the timeline entries describe overall periods (classical, medieval, baroque, neoclassical, etc). The timeline entries should constitute buildings or historic events, and there should be two entries for each lecture topic (therefore four entries most weeks) I will be uploading the previous timelines i did so once you complete the timeline for these readings, you should combine it with the previous timelines and it should show growth. you should pick atleast 1 building/concept/idea from each reading and you should add it the timeline that i have done and uploaded. you can convert the pdf file and make the changes or use indesign/photoshop or any related software to make timeline again. should be neat and presentable. pictures should the same size, font should be the same and it should show the growth and move towards the right and not downwards into several pages. check out the timeline examples i uploaded for better picture.

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