Part 1 of topic paper for Higher Education Org and Governance
Frame 1 is Structural. THIS IS ONLY PART 1 (This frame focuses on -> Chapter 1: Structural Frame of Student Organizations) - My organization is focused on Greek life . I have attached a few PDFs to help better understand the assignment. (only needs to be 2-3 pages for this assignment- chapter 1). 1. The prompt (once again, this is focusing ONLY on chapter 1 of the topic paper, so this chapter focuses on structural). This is a group paper but I would like for you to do my part. My organization focuses on greek life at the university of North Carolina at chapel hill... 2. I have attached screenshots from my group members work / his organization to help you understand how my chapter one is suppose to look like (although my focus is on greek life in university settings). - this will help you structure the paper and understand what it should look like. 3. The list of the frames (once again, chapter 1 (this paper), will only focus on structural only. The screenshot gives you a definition. References you can use: Please add a few more references (anything from UNC's policies, websites - that relate back to this).

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