Part 1. Choose a character from one of the short stories in this unit by Roanhor
Part 1. Choose a character from one of the short stories in this unit by Roanhorse, Liu, or Rash. Name the character and briefly describe them, considering the following elements: Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience (TM)" “The Paper Menagerie” “Badeye” What they are like--how are they described? What we know about their past and present? Consider their relationships, their environment, their position in society, and their culture. What do they want? What are their dreams and goals? What do they fear? What drives them? What do they do? Why? What do we see in the story itself, and what can we infer about them from their behavior? What do they say? What do they leave unsaid? Why? What conflicts do they face--both internal and external--and how do they address these conflicts? Part 2. Consider how taking the approach of psychoanalytic criticism--focusing on the mind, unconscious motives, and the roots of desire--can enhance our analysis of a short story. Feel free to consult the readings from Mary Klages or Michael Ryan on psychoanalytic criticism to help you make these connections. Part 3. Taking into account all of the above, and reading the Building a Strong Thesis Statementpage for guidance, craft a working thesis for your Unit 3 Essay and include it in bold at the end of your post. This is your opportunity to check your progress towards that essay and get feedback at a critical juncture. The thesis should focus on why and how your chosen story from this unit uses specific symbols, metaphors, uses of irony, or characters to depict one of the themes from Unit 1 (LoveAlienation/Otherness, the American Dream/Nightmare, Quest for Identity/Coming of Age, or Conformity/Rebellion) in a particular way.

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