Parameters for this assignment: You will select a historical figure or event fro
Parameters for this assignment: You will select a historical figure or event from the span of time we will cover in class (i.e. American History from the beginning of time to 1865). With this individual/event/invention you will analyze and explain why they are influential in history in a research paper consisting of the following: At least 4 sources are to be used. These sources can include: Primary sources **At least 1 is required** Secondary sources (outside of the textbook; the textbook will not count as a source) Periodicals, to include historical journals, magazines, etc. Scholarly websites (typically ending in .gov, .edu, .org) If you have questions on what is scholarly, please ask your instructor. **See note below about scholarly sources. Sometimes it helps to look at a discipline other than History such as Psychology, Sociology, Humanities, Religion, Art, or Music. If you are struggling with finding a 4th source, try searching resources from these disciplines. Minimum length of submission is 4-6 pages, double-spaced, using 12-point font, 1” margins on all sides, and contain a works cited/bibliography page. These are standard MLA formatting practices. If you are unsure about what MLA formatting is, you can refer to the OWL at Purdue website. Note: DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA. DO NOT USE WEEBLY. DO NOT USE QUIZLET. Etc! Citing such sources will be an automatic 10 points off from your overall term project grade. These are open platform and anyone has the capability of editing them. ** See note below on about scholarly sources. Proper citation is crucial! Plagiarism is not just against the college’s rules, but it is also against the law and will go on your school record. You can refer to the FTCC Policies on the college website. “When in doubt, cite it out.” **In regard to Scholarly Sources!**

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