Paper must be 6 to 8 Pages (1500-2000 words) Paper must follow all MLA conventio
Paper must be 6 to 8 Pages (1500-2000 words) Paper must follow all MLA conventions. Look at OWL at Purdue for formatting instructions (Links to an external site.). The completed assignment will consist of a rough draft, peer reviews, and the final draft. The grade for all sections comes from the final draft, so it is in your best interest to receive as much feedback as possible. Looking back at Modules 2 & 3, it is clear that there are outside forces like advertisers, politicians and pop culture trying to influence the formation of identity. This goes beyond generic labels like young and active to a real American is a cowboy (whatever the heck that means nowadays) and we can recognize him through his Ford truck and Marlboro cigarettes. We can also see how this identity can be built in opposition: I am real because I DON'T drive a Chevy or I DON'T vote for A. This is where balkanization came in. But, if you were paying attention to our friend Foucault and the whole idea of modern identity, you'd realize that we don't need an outside force anymore to tell us who we are--we've internalized it and are self-identifying with these constructed identities. I know I'm a bit older because I don't listen to "Let it Go" anymore. And I stare at people my age who do. Foucault's whole point with his definition of discourse was to say that whatever control there was in society was now internalized and didn't need to be imposed from above. That's where this module comes in. On social media we no longer have to follow the dictates of what "they" want us to do. "They" is now us. We can elevate people just like ourselves to enormous influence and shoot them right back down again with standards that evolve so quickly that no one can possibly hope to keep up. For this paper you will be looking at something specific--race, gender, sexual identity, generational identity, intersectionality, code switching--and you will be discussing the rules (discourse) of that identity as it is constructed in the age of Tik Tok (you don't literally have to analyze Tik Tok). Look at the readings in Chapter 2. Pay particular attention to the role of self-presentation in identity formation and acceptance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please feel free to work with others in composing and presenting this essay. Simply put the names of all members of your self-formed group on one of the submissions and submit copies for every member.

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