Paper is partly done. The work needed is as follows: Chapter 3: Saudi Arabia Vis
Paper is partly done. The work needed is as follows: Chapter 3: Saudi Arabia Vision 2030: III. Pillars of the Vision 2030 (Needs 500 more words) IV. Achievements Made So Far (Needs 900 more words) Chapter 4: Saudi Arabia’s Dependency on Oil: ( 2500 words) I. Current Trends in the Oil Sector II. How Oil Sector is Responsible for Country’s Economic Progress III. Why is the Dependency on Oil Sector a Future Hindrance for Saudi Arabia’s Economy? Chapter 5: A Mission for Economic Diversification: (4000 words) I. The Need for Diversification: Vision Realization Programs II. Sectors Contributing for the Diversification (i) Health Sector (ii) Tourism (iii) Manufacturing III. Opening Up Economy for Globalization IV. Increasing Investment Opportunities and Generating Employment Chapter 6: Industrialization and Globalization: (3500 words) I. National Industrial Development and Privatization II. Restructuring of Infrastructure and Distribution of Resources III. Financial Support for Local Production IV. Generating Revenue from Sectors Other than Oil Production Chapter 7: A Sustainable Approach for Development: (3050 words) I. Challenges in the Implementation of the Vision 2030 II. A Sustainable Approach for the Long-term Growth and Income III. Case Studies: Primary Research (i) Analysis made on the interviews conducted and data from questionnaires. Chapter 8: A Way Forward: (1500 words) I. Recommendations and Conclusions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Need to revise and modify the methodology of paper as needed.

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