Paper Components You must include the following parts in your paper:
Paper Components <
You must include the following parts in your paper: <
Title page <
Abstract <
Part 1 (see below) <
Part 2 (see below) <
Part 3 (see below) <
Conclusion <
Reference page <
Part 1 <
Draft your personal motivation in two paragraphs: <
What your research question? <
What is the significance of your research question? <
Why is it of significance to you? <
Part 2 <
Compile the literature review. <
You have already completed this in Unit 4 <
Make sure to edit your literature review with any updates suggested by the instructor <
Part 3 <
In two paragraphs, write your methodology. <
What type of research would you use? <
Which methodology is most appealing to you, and why? <
What methodology was commonly used in the articles you researched? <
References <
Use the existing references (you've already completed this part) <
Add any extra references you have used since you last completed your reference page. <
Additional Resources <
Grammarly is a helpful tool to check your paper for grammar and plagiarism <
Reference and in-text citations: <
Citefast: APA 7 Citation Generator <
HCCC Library: Citation & Style Guides <
How to Use NoodleTools to Format Citations <
Microsoft Support: Add citations in a Word document <
The writing center can evaluate your paper and give you helpful feedback: HCCC Tutoring & Writing Center <
Get free writing tutoring with Smarthinking Online Tutoring (it's in the left menu of every course in Canvas) <
Your paper must be a minimum of six pages, not including your title page and reference page, a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed journal articles, and be formatted and cited in APA style.

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