Paper 3: Early-career Development Plan For Paper 3 you need to write a personal
Paper 3: Early-career Development Plan For Paper 3 you need to write a personal career development plan that details the steps you plan to take based on your responses to the self-assessment exercises. The time horizon for these plans should be approximately 1-3 years. In order to help you write your development plan, you may want to consider answering some of the following questions: 1. What were the results of your personality assessments and which careers are consistent with your personality? Do you expect to pursue a career related to your personality assessment? 2. What skills do you feel you need for your first job (in addition to your college degree) and to be successful after graduating and entering full time employment? 3. What experiences do you want to get (along with your education) to prepare you for your career? 4. Identify an internship listing through Handshake that you feel would contribute to your personal development while at MSU. 5. What steps will you take to develop a powerful social network? 6. What professional development experiences do you believe you will need to have to prepare for your career and how do you plan to obtain them? 7. What steps will you take to enhance your job search and interview skills? This paper is designed to represent an integration of your self-assessment along with the material you learned throughout the course. Therefore, it should be a meaningful document for you as well as a graded course deliverable. The paper should be two to three pages (12-point font, one inch margins, and double-spaced). Finally, if your early career plan includes graduate school, please provide details on how your intended graduate education fits into your career development plan.

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