Overview In today’s data-driven world, statistics can be found almost everywher
Overview In today’s data-driven world, statistics can be found almost everywhere. Regardless of your major, you can use the lens of statistical thinking to better understand the world and put things into appropriate perspective. In particular, knowledge of statistics allows you to be a more critical consumer of information, including the credibility and significance of research studies. The final project for this course is the creation of a research study report. After selecting an appropriate study from the provided list by Module One, you will apply the critical thinking skills gained from this course to summarize, analyze, and critique your study using a statistical lens. Specifically, you will determine to what extent your chosen study is well-designed. The project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. As you review feedback from your instructor and peers incorporate relevant feedback prior to the next milestone submission. Your final project submission should reflect the incorporation of all relevant feedback. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Four, and Six. MUST REVIEW THE RUBRIC ATTACHED MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN THE RUBRIC/I WILL REVIEW THE PAPER TO MAKE SURE AS WELL. SOURCE: https://journals-sagepub-com.ezproxy.snhu.edu/doi/10.1177/1469787415589530 Log in: felina.chandler@snhu.edu Password: Savieh-2009

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