Overview: In Milestone One, you will submit a topic proposal for instructor appr
Overview: In Milestone One, you will submit a topic proposal for instructor approval which identifies your chosen professional practice issue. A professional practice issue is any issue or situation that either compromises client care/service by placing a client at risk or affects a nurse’s ability to provide care/service consistent with standards and guidelines and agency or organization policies or procedures. By the end of this course, your topic also has the potential to be explored further as part of your capstone project. As the first piece of your final project, the topic proposal will enable you to explain the background and significance of the issue, develop your PICO question in Milestone Two and begin the introduction of your final project. A good topic proposal is engaging, identifies a specific and original topic, explains the background and significance, and establishes a purpose. Prompt: Choose a professional practice issue of local, state, or national importance that might be encountered in nursing practice. Be sure to include the following elements in your topic proposal:  Identify your topic. How does it relate to a professional practice issue?  Explain your interest and purpose. Why did you choose this topic?  Explore the background and significance. What do you hope to gain by researching this topic? What is already known about the problem? What gap in practice will be addressed?  Analyze the relationship between research and evidence-based practice. How does research influence evidence-based practice? How will your research on this topic contribute to evidence-based nursing practice? Guidelines for Submission: Your topic proposal must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Submission should include at least two evidence-based resources published within the last five years. All citations and references should be formatted according to the most recent APA guidelines.

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