Our last collection of documents in Perusall examines Lincoln’s decision to issu
Our last collection of documents in Perusall examines Lincoln's decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, with a special focus on the spiritual reflection he underwent to arrive at his decision: Abraham Lincoln, Letter to Horace Greeley (1862). Letter in which Lincoln explains his views regarding emancipation only a few months before issuing his proclamation. Lincoln, Meditation on the Divine Will (1862). Personal note, never meant for public view, in which Lincoln struggles to understand what God would want him to do. Lincoln, Emancipation Proclamation (1863). The document itself, issued on January 1, 1863. Lincoln’s, Second Inaugural Address (1865). Delivered in the last month of his life, this poetic address sums up Lincoln's hope for what a victory in the war will mean, and it clearly identifies slavery as the original cause of the war. Consider this Focus Question, which asks you to look forward at history. Pretend you don't know what ultimately happened, and think about possibilities. If you were there at the time, and you knew only what they knew, what options would you have? How would you think about this important question? Look for evidence in the documents that helps you answer this question: Should Lincoln free the slaves? Can he? How? When? Highlight and comment on passages in the documents that provide support for whatever points you wish to make. Use the text itself as evidence. Of course you can also borrow information and detail from the lectures and The American Yawp. And it's always fine to raise questions of your own. Comments can be made at any time during the week until Friday at midnight, after which you can't add any more posts for credit. If you don't submit anything at all by Friday at midnight, you'll receive a zero for the assignment. Remember that I'll drop your two lowest Perusall scores. See the document "How Perusall Works" Download "How Perusall Works" for additional information on using the app and how its automated scoring works. You can also find answers to common questions on Perusall's student information page (Links to an external site.) . Click the link below to open the documents in Perusall in a new window. has to be done on the WEBSITE log in is tgilpin2@webdmc.delmar.edu Porkchop#21t

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