Our class discussions and the readings assigned during the first half of this co
Our class discussions and the readings assigned during the first half of this course focused on issues of how delinquency is defined, the types of behaviors contemporary youth engage in that are considered delinquent and the broader causes of delinquency. Much of our discussions examined the issues through the lenses of Sullivan’s “Getting Paid” and Singer’s “America’s Safest City.” Sullivan and Singer examine many of the same questions, but they do so in very different settings. Sullivan focuses on youth living in inner-city areas, while Singer focuses on youth living in suburban areas. The goal of this essay is to encourage you to think about the similarities and differences of the source material and findings of Sullivan and Singer. Specifically, your answer should address the following questions: 1. Why did youth in each setting engage in delinquency? 2. What types of delinquent actions did each group engage in? 3. Given the combined findings of Singer and Sullivan, how should delinquent activity be prevented or controlled? Your answers to these questions should connect with specific examples from the Sullivan and Singer books. These examples should include citations to the source material also. For example, Sullivan (page 45) or Singer (page 149). You are not required to include a reference page unless you cite additional materials in your essay. Your response to these questions should be presented in an essay format (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). Do not frame your response in relation to bullet points. Your essay should be about five double-spaced pages and typed in Times New Roman 12-point font. It is OK to go over the suggested page limit if you believe it helps you to provide a stronger argument.

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