or this assignment, you will create two slide presentations (8-10 pages each). T
or this assignment, you will create two slide presentations (8-10 pages each). The first slide presentation is directed toward the Board of Directors. The second slide presentation is directed toward the employees. (As an example for your presentation, you may use a fictional business or you may use the company that you work at now). For this assignment, first read the following: Implications for Managers in Chapter 8 on page 277 Chapter 8 Case Incident 1: We Talk, But They Don’t Listen on page 280 Chapter 10 Case Incident 1: Trusting Someone You Can’t See on page 347 Scenario: Your company wants to change its company policies so as to enable more people to work from home using flex time. Employees will still be required to be in the office at least half time. The managers at the company are afraid that employees will not work when they are at home and also that teamwork will suffer. Of course, the office will need to enable virtual meetings using Zoom, Webinars, or Skype or Google Hangouts. Furthermore, employees are going to need to collaborate on certain projects and make sure that their team mates are kept informed of their progress. Employees are excited about these ideas but are afraid that the people who work from home will not be considered for promotions and advancement in the company in the same way as people who keep coming into the office. Furthermore, they are afraid that the managers will not listen to their ideas. Managers are worried that they will not be able to properly motivate and measure productivity of at home workers. For the first presentation that will go to the Board of Directors, explain why the company will benefit from the telecommuting. Be sure that you incorporate some of the motivational theories you learned about in Chapter 7 as well as the work design theories you learned about in Chapter 8. Explain what will need to change in the new culture of trust that needs to be built with the managers. Develop a performance management system that will work for everyone including telecommuters. For the second presentation that will be shown to employees, explain how the telecommuting will benefit different workers and the company. Explain the performance management system and how it will ensure equal opportunities for advancement. Also explain how some work habits will need to change in order to work in a virtual team environment.

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