one line answers:  What does the term globalization mean?  How does Friedman def
one line answers:  What does the term globalization mean?  How does Friedman define the three eras of globalization?  Which technologies have had the biggest effect on globalization?  What are some of the advantages brought about by globalization?  What are the challenges of globalization?  What perspective does Ghemawat provide regarding globalization in his book World 3.0?  What does the term digital divide mean?  What are Jakob Nielsen’s three stages of the digital divide?  What was one of the key points of The Rise of the Network Society?  Which country has the highest average Internet speed? How does your country compare?   What does the term information systems ethics mean?  What is a code of ethics? What is one advantage and one disadvantage of a code of ethics?  What does the term intellectual property mean? Give an example.  What protections are provided by a copyright? How do you obtain one?  What is fair use?  What protections are provided by a patent? How do you obtain one?  What does a trademark protect? How do you obtain one?  What does the term personally identifiable information mean?  What protections are provided by HIPAA, COPPA, and FERPA?  How would you explain the concept of NORA?  What is GDPR and what was the motivation behind this regulation? One page answers: Exercise 1: Compare the concept of Friedman’s “Globalization 3.0″ with Nielsen empowerment stage of the digital divide.  Exercise 2: Provide one example of how information technology has created an ethical dilemma that would not have existed before the advent of I.T.  Exercise 3: Chapter 9 – Review the section on Establishing a Security Culture.  Review the methods to reduce the chances of a cyber threat noted in the textbook.  Research other peer-reviewed source and note additional methods to reduce cyber-attacks within an organization. Exercise 4: Chapter 10 – Review the section on the IT leader in the digital transformation era.  Note how IT professionals and especially leaders must transform their thinking to adapt to the constantly changing organizational climate.  What are some methods or resources leaders can utilize to enhance their change attitude? One line questions and Exercise- 1, 2 are from text book (12.pdf) Exercise - 3,4 are from textbook (3.pdf) apa format grammar plagarism

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