Observe your portfolio child’s class of children. Schedule your observation duri
Observe your portfolio child's class of children. Schedule your observation during center time. Plan to observe for about 30 minutes. In the left column of your form, label all of the centers that you see. (You should see at least four centers.) Along the top row, write your observation times in five minute increments. Observe your portfolio child and at least five other children. Either find out the names of the children, or make them up. Every five minutes, write down which center each of the six children is visiting. Handwritten observations may be scanned for submission. After you submit this required assignment, print out a copy of it, and place it in your 3-prong folder. If you can not conduct your classroom research for the Required Time Sample, you will need to substitute another assessment assignment for this one. It must be a new portfolio entry, different from those previously submitted. So, choose one of the assessment types that you have already used and do it again. It will be interesting for you to see the child’s growth.

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