Objective: Global Disaster Politics Reflection Essay 02 This exercise provides
Objective: Global Disaster Politics Reflection Essay 02 This exercise provides students the opportunity to write an essay based upon their thoughtful reflection on the assigned readings covered in class since the start of the semester. Format Requirements: Style: Written Essay (includes introduction, main section, and conclusion) Spacing: Double-Spaced Justification: Full Justification Header: Essay must make use of section and sub-section headers, as appropriate Word Count: Maximum 1200 words Font: Times New Roman, 12-point font Margins: 1-inch margins, with page numbers In-Text Citations: All sources must be cited in-text, choice of style up to author References: All essays must include reference page, not included in minimum word count Do not use materials other than those assigned in this class File Format: Submit as a Microsoft Word document File Name: Save as: “Last Name, First Name - Reflection Essay 02” Essay Header: Last Name, First Name Global Disaster Politics Reflection Essay 02 Submission Date Prompt: Drawing upon the assigned course readings since Week 02, answer the following writing prompt: 1. What utility, if any, do theoretical concepts such as “focusing events” have for public policy officials in the United States? Reminders: Remember, a well-written essay will not only clearly identify the author’s thesis. The content included in the main section of a well-written essay will be organized into a series of sections and/or sub-sections that logically support the essay’s overarching thesis. Also remember, the content written in the main section of the essay must use the substantive content covered in class to support the author’s overarching theme or thesis. Assessment: Additional information on the expectations for this deliverable can be found in the Reflection Essay Rubric, which is posted on our Blackboard course page. Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at haase@shsu.edu. Of course, my ability to answer your questions or address your concerns will depend on when you sent me your email request for assistance.

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