Objective: Evaluate the effect of organizational ethics and ethics programs on s
Objective: Evaluate the effect of organizational ethics and ethics programs on stakeholders. The UAW auto workers union has had a number of financial and ethical scandals made public in the last couple of years. As the result of these scandals the UAW has implemented several new ethical reforms, which are summarized in these two websites: https://uaw.org/ethics/ (Links to an external site.) https://uaw.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/UAW_Ethics_Hotline_Overview.pdf (Links to an external site.) The UAW has also had ethical codes in its constitution since the 1950's, long before these scandals became public: https://uaw.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/UAW-Ethical-Practices-Codes.pdf (Links to an external site.) Lawrence and Weber discuss the building of ethical safeguards at some length. Using the framework in Lawrence and Weber, do you believe the UAW's efforts at building an ethical organization are sufficient? Why or why not? Are there elements of an ethical program that are missing? Is there anything the UAW is doing especially well? Does culture play a role in organizational ethics? You are required to post an initial post and reply to at least one other student post. Feel free to substantively reply to more than one post. You are required to post your initial post before being able to see other student's posts. The initial post should be about 500-600 words or more. You should include references and a references section in both your initial post and reply. The discussions will be graded according to the rubric (click the three vertical dot icon on the upper right of your screen). Please let your instructor know if you have any questions. Note: Please use the attached PDF, which is the book, to answer the discussion questions. Please cite the book (Lawrence and Weber) and use the mentioned links and cite them.

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