Assignment Topic :Power Point Presentation on Alzheimers Disease

For this assignment you will create 12 slides Power point present with reference page. Also total of 20-minutes recording engaged in presentations of a common health problem related to a particular body system. You will be assigned both topics on which to focus your presentations by the end of Week 1.

Your presentation should include these sub headings

An overview of the health problem identified, 

An in-depth review of the associated anatomy and physiology, 

An overview of treatment methodologies, and 

Information related to the needs of the patient and/or family related to the problem. 

Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint, and recorded with voice over narration. 

The presentation will be graded in two areas; in the dropbox by your instructor for the content and other items on the rubric, and the second grade will come from posting it as a discussion and responding to your peers presentations. 

You need to post your presentation to the D2L Discussion Forum as an attachment in a new thread. You will also submit the assignment to the dropbox.  Since the presentation is also a discussion, the initial post will be due on Thursday in the discussion board. If the student wishes to incorporate feedback from their peers, they may improve their presentation, and the final product will be submitted to the dropbox by Monday night.

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