nstructions: Read Tishani Doshi’s “The Immigrant’s Song”(Abcarian 633-634). Read
nstructions: Read Tishani Doshi's "The Immigrant's Song"(Abcarian 633-634). Read the PBS News Hour article on how Tishani Doshi discusses immigration in her poetry and writings: "Seeing a culture of fear, poet explores the immigrant dream." Answer the two (2) “For Analysis” questions on Abcarian 634 in at least 250 words. Submit your responses to the "Reading Response #5" "For Analysis" Questions: What is the situation the speaker recounts? Where is he now? Where has he come from? How specific can you be in your answers? Why is that, and what is the effect when reading the poem? Note the repetition of the statements such as those in lines 1 and 5. Where else do statements of this kind appear? How do they change? What is their significance to the poem as a whole? link 1 https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/56734/the-immigrants-song link2 https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/poetry/seeing-culture-fear-poet-explores-immigrant-dream

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