Now that we have studied the chapter on LEADING CHANGE (Cameron & Green), review your initial reflection. 


Answer the questions below...

· How important is visionary leadership in the change process? 

· What other qualities are needed when leading change?

700 words minimum 

At least 3 citations with page number.



Initial reflection :

Chairman CAO is considered one of the industrious entrepreneur who braved cultural diversity to set up one of the most successful Chinese companies in the United States of America. Chairman Cao decided to set up Fuyao Glass America Inc. in 2014, a company specializing in the manufacturing of construction and automobile glasses. The setting up of the company in Ohio came against the backdrop of GM shutting up its operation in Dayton, which led to the loss of 10,000 jobs. Therefore the launching of the Fuyao plant came as a relief to the affected individuals as it created 2,000 jobs. 

 Setting up a successful plant in a foreign land requires capital and employees, but more importantly, it calls for mutual understanding anchored on blended culture. It is against this background that Chairman Cao accepted the creation of the documentary about the American Company on Netflix. The documentary, supported by Obama administration documents, the diversity and hitches between management and employees and cultural bottlenecks between American workers and Chinese management. The documentary has served as the precursor of an in-depth understanding of the Fuyao Company by the Americans. To ensure that the company is firmly anchored and accepted by the American Chairman, CAO allowed the American to visit his company once per month for familiarization purposes.

CEO Cao successfully adapted to the US culture, which saw his company's growth. Cao declined proposals to use both the Chinese and US arts to bridge the diversity gap but instead resorted to only using the US arts. His resilience and focus on the blended culture resulted in some American workers creating strong brotherhood bonds with their Chinese counterparts. The camaraderie ended with both Chinese and American workers attending barbecues together. Through such interaction, CEO Cao managed to intertwine the two cultures, thus the success of his business.

However, CEO Cao was very reluctant to allow unions in the plant. The Chinese managers were very concise that they would not allow the development of workers' unions. This resolute was repugnant with the USA employment culture, which firmly believed in the unions. CEO Cao spent close $ 1million on labor relation institute and union avoidance consultants in a bid to stop its workers from forming unions claiming that unions denied the employees the chance to address their managers directly. Another striking issue emerging from the documentary is the health and safety of workers. In the documentary, one employee is frequently seen working with hot glasses of close to 200 degrees Celsius, detrimental to health and safety. In such an environment, workers get injured, and there is the claim of poor chemical disposal, which threatens the employees.

Nevertheless, the documentary nicely depicts the cultural diversity between China and America and it emphasizes how managers can leverage this to create a more unified work environment and manage change. Cao managed the initial difficulties and brought the company on a solid growth trajectory.           


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