Now that you all have considered the topic you’d like to pursue this term, let’s
Now that you all have considered the topic you'd like to pursue this term, let's start our deep dive into the literature. Using the Life Library (Google Scholar is a good place to start too) or any other resource at your disposal, start researching your topic and collecting peer-reviewed/scholarly articles. For your assignment due at the end of Week 3 ("The Introduction/Literature Review") you will need to have collected and summarized/analyzed at least 10 articles on your topic (your book will tell you that many more sources are required for a full literature review and your book is right...but for the purposes of this class and our practice, I'm only requiring 10). For this discussion board assignment, I'd like you to do the following. 1) Remind us briefly of your topic. Maybe in a sentence or two. Eating disorders was my topic 2) List 3-5 keywords or key phrases you are using to research your topic in the library database and/or Google Scholar. 3) Find and read at least 2 of the articles that come up in your search and provide their full APA formatted references for us. Under each reference, give us a 3-4 sentence summary of the major findings of the article. 4) Tell us how the results of these studies fit into the topic you are choosing. In other words, how do these articles support the hypothesis you are forming? Your response to this prompt (in 200-300 words) is due Thursday July 21st at 11:59 PM EST. Your two classmate responses (hitting the 100 word mark each) are due by Sunday July 24th by 11:59 PM EST. For your classmate responses, you might give your classmates guidance on other keywords/search terms they might explore in their topic. Or if you have read an article or know something else that might be helpful to them, share that as well

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