You will respond to another classmate's post on Norovirus with a substantive comment to move the science discussion forward in minimum 100, maximum 150 words in an area you are interested in after reading the main discussion. Again, you should provide student original writing, paraphrasing from credible sources, cite your own source for this post in text in parentheses, and provide full end ref information in APA 7th Edition format. Students' post RE: Norovirus There’s been a virus that has been going around for the last couple of months, that people are comparing it to the Coronavirus and the Stomach Bug/Flu. Knowing that the Coronavirus became a pandemic in 2020, it is believed that the Norovirus could be just as contagious if not more than the Coronavirus. Within 2022 alone, Norovirus has been on the rise, while Covid cases have been dropping at the start of the year. The CDC is concerned that this could potentially break out into another pandemic because of how contagious this virus is if people decide to not take it seriously, just like people didn’t for corona. Symptoms of this virus are very similar to Covid. Constant throwing up and diarrhea are a few of the symptoms, and this virus is also contracted to people through surfaces. The safest way to keep ourselves from contracting this virus is to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds (2022). This article explained to readers what type of virus Norovirus is, how it is contracted to one another, its symptoms, and how to stay safe from it. The Norovirus is a type of virus in the Caliciviridae that causes acute gastroenteritis, which is inflammation in the stomach and intestines. There is also research that was done on this virus to understand where this disease began, how to control spreading, and find a vaccine to protect citizens in the future (Robilotti et al., 2015). When scientists tested bacteria growth on Norovirus it was researched that this virus had both gram-negative and positive bacteria grown in trying to determine how much of this bacteria will bind (Almand et al., 2017). This organism can become very contagious, and with there having already been an epidemic of the Norovirus a couple of times, it is easier to control than other viruses because it is not airborne (Robilotti et al., 2015). Even though this virus is contagious, it is also easily preventable if the necessary precautions are taken. References Almand, E. A., Moore, M. D., Outlaw, J., & Jaykus, L.-A. (2017, March 3). Human norovirus binding to select bacteria representative of the human gut microbiota. PloS one. Retrieved September 6, 2022, from NBCUniversal News Group. (2022, April 1). GI symptoms? it's probably not Covid, but it could be Retrieved September 6, 2022, from Robilotti, E., Deresinski, S., & Pinsky, B. A. (2015, January). Norovirus. Clinical microbiology reviews. Retrieved September 6, 2022, from

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