Module 3: NGO letter


For this assignment write a letter to a non-governmental organization (NGO). You are seeking the assistance of the NGO in addressing the health issue that you identified in the country/community selected.  You are not required to choose an actual NGO.  You will be using the NGO information we provide rather than researching an actual NGO. 


1. Create a business letter to an NGO that is active in the country/community selected. The business letter is to be constructed in a block format. See the  site for assistance. 

2. Address the letter to the individual and organization listed in the information section below.   Keep in mind that your reader has a doctoral degree in business and a graduate degree in public health.

3. In this letter you will:

            3.1       Introduce yourself.

3.2       Introduce/explain the identified health issue. Explain your reason for writing that will include your concern about the health issue that you have identified.

3.3       State your recommendation(s) for how to address the identified health issue.

3.4       Acknowledge your awareness of past/current funding (see the information section below).

3.5       Request specific support and/or sponsorship to address the identified health issue. Clearly state your request and how the funds will be used.

3.6       Be persuasive in your explanation of why the support is needed, how the NGO’s mission is connected to described project, and how the NGO’s financial assistance will support the plan designed to address the health issue.

3.6       Close with a strong summary paragraph.

4. Mechanics

4.1       Remember that all references must follow APA Manual 7th edition format.

4.2       The body of the letter is to be 400 to 500 words (approximately two pages).

4.3       Business letters infrequently contain citations for supporting references.  This one will.  Cite at least two (2) articles and use at least one source that is not course material.

 4.4       Make sure that you proof the letter to ensure that it meets the assignment guidelines.

NGO Information to Use in Letter

1.         Name and address of the NGO is:

Creating Space for LifeMary Phillips, Executive Director5555 Fifty-first StreetPlain City, NJ  01012

2.         Mission of the NGO is:  Reaching the poorest of the poor in developing countries to educate, heal, and empower.

3.         The NGO has funded projects in the chosen country previously but not within the past three years.  The last funded project was for a chronic disease prevention project and was funded at the $250,000 level.

4.         Not much information is available for the members of the governing board.  It is known that the executive director ran a large hospital system before joining the NGO.  She has a PhD in business and a master’s in public health (MPH).

· Click on the link titled "M3 A1: NGO BUSINESS LETTER - SUBMISSION AREA" to submit the assignment.

· Point value: 20

· Due Date: See Course Calendar/Checklist 

· Refer to  for evaluation guidelines.

Note: You will have three (3) attempts to submit a written assignment, only the final attempt will be graded. For each attempt you will receive a SafeAssign originality report. This will give you a chance to correct the assignment based on the SafeAssign score.  to view instructions on how to interpret your SafeAssign originality report.

Kindly note: If a submission has been made for more than 48 hours without a re-submission, it will be considered final and will be subject to being graded.

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