Never Rarely Sometimes Always Movie Review
Talk about what the experience means to you and why you think so about it. The hardest part of critical thinking is getting past what "is" and dealing with what it "means." When you have to explain meaning, you have to really look at why something is the way it is. I'd want you to tell the name of the movie and the directer. I'd like you to tell the gist of the movie, including what you see as the surface and/or deep message. Then tell what the movie does in order to create that meaning. Okay, think about the film, "A Long Kiss Goodnight." I would tell a bit about the plot and characters and mention the director. I'd say that it's an action movie like most but with a twist. It has a female action hero. On the surface, it's a movie that shows the world that women can be heroes, too. The deeper message, though, is that women have wider motivation than men as heroes. They work for love and defense of family and home rather than the pride and glory that is typical of male heroes. Now, if you make that claim, have that thesis statement, prove it with the supporting paragraphs of your essay. Tell about how the movie shows a kick ass woman motivated by love of family and home rather than pride and glory. There is a surface message about women being heroes, too. And there is a deeper meaning about the differences between male and female heroes. Don't just talk about what "is" but tell about what that means. Show that you didn't just watch an action movie but that you critically read a deeper message in an action movie about how men and women are a different kind of hero. Your movie doesn't even need to have deeper meaning. You just need to show how the movie communicates whatever meaning you find. How does it show love grow between strangers or fear overcome through hard work. An easy outline would be to pick three points to illustrate your claim and write a five-paragraph essay. Explain, provide examples, and show the reader why you think the message is the message of the movie and what the movie did to give you that understanding.

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