Need to submit a written report where I documented my entire journey through the
Need to submit a written report where I documented my entire journey through the investment challenge with the stock market. You may want to start your report by explaining what was your initial strategy and the rationale behind the first stocks you picked. (sEE NOTES BELOW OF DOCUMENTATION) Then you can share how you changed your portfolio throughout the semester and how/if the interactions and content of the course had any influence on your overall strategy. There is no single way to complete this report as each one of you will have your own individual experience. However, it will be very useful to document at least one paragraph per week of the challenge, this will help you build the narrative and main structure of your report. PORTFOLIO PERFORMANCE ATTACHED DOCUMENTATION BELOW Initially had not idea what I was doing. I knew I had 100k to invest, but I did not know how. 2/10/22 First started with ISVAF - iShares Nasdaq 100 ETF... BOUGHT 1 SHARE 2/11/22 Second day, bought pepsi. Considering the SuperBowl was around the corner, I thought it was a good idea to buy 10 shares. 2/14 7 shares for APPLE. Now, at this point, I realized made the wrong decision in buying ISVAF, per our rules, and I immediately sold that share. Initially purchased at $829.23 and sold at $806.79 ...$22.44 loss 3% loss approximately. I was still very cautious because I didn't know what I was doing and was barely understanding my ranking based on my trends. 2/15 Bought 4 Disney shares 2/15 I realized Pepsi was not working for me and attempted to sale my shares HOWEVER, I later realized 10 more were bought instead of sell, totalling 20 shares....NExt day I sold all of Pepsi. and decided to buy Amazon, analog devices inc, and Alcoa Corp, based on my Russell 3000 research. and Coca Cola 2/21 I was ranking top 4 all week 2/21 professor brought to my attention I was still not investing enough of the 20% required. This is where I learned the difference between STOCK AND SHARE. because based on the rules " A minimum of 10 stocks per portfolio. A maximum of 20." so I thought to myself, I could not purchase more than 20 shares and had to adjust my shares by selling a few that I did not find beneficial with buying more expensive shares to be at the "20 shares and 20% use of the money, so I decided to buy AutoZone and sell my 3 shares of Apple. Additionally, purchased 2 more amazon that left me at 80k to invest.... after I asked about the difference did I learn the stock is the company and share different so I purchased coke, ANALOG DEVICES WHICH HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME AND ALCOA CORP rANKING 3... PURCHASED 200 SHARES OF GOLD and oil giving me 10 stocks and now going by the rules DECIDED TO STOP TRADING SINCE PATIENCE IS KEY AND I WANTED MY SHARES TO GROW WITH TIME. 2/24 ranking #6 after Russia attack ranking 20 3/7 ranking 5 3k loss to 97k 3/8 ranking 3 1.6k loss only. 3/11 ranking 4 97,517.79 -2,482.21 3/22 its a beautiful day. Ranking 6 Total Returns $2,960.00...bought more AA 15 shares. PATIENCE IS KEY Sold foot locker and bought more AA 3/28

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