My project is on project idea for a grant proposal is to provide a non profit ve
My project is on project idea for a grant proposal is to provide a non profit veterans mental health clinic. I will like to offers services like free counselors that will offer military sexual trauma, bereavement counseling, employment counseling and even substance abuse help. I will like to also provide them with 24hr around the clock services too. The reason why I choose this project is because I feel as though our veterans don’t receive enough of help once they get out the service. A lot of times veterans are left along, some become homeless and some are barley making it alive. Veterans need help from counselors just as if they are regular humans. Part I: Budget Template Use the budget template provided in the Learning Resources. Fill in the budget template for your project. Note: Rationale for costs will be provided in the budget narrative. Note 2: Budget line items should consider the non-personnel and personnel resources listed in the methodology section. Part II: Budget Narrative and Sustainability Plan The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived at the projected dollar amounts. For example: If hiring a consultant for $2,000 is a line item, the narrative might explain that this is based on 40 hours @ $50/hour. The Sustainability Plan explains how your agency plans to continue operating this program once the funding has run out. It also indicates where future funding and other resources might be obtained.

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