My dissertation will focus on the correlation between the increase in Far-Right
My dissertation will focus on the correlation between the increase in Far-Right Party support specifically focusing on the Swedish Democrat Party and the recent refugee influx following the Refugee Crisis. The principal argument in support of the Far-Right movement states that the recent refugee influx has a direct correlation with the increase in crime rates and gang-related violence. Suggesting that the recent increase in Refugee and Asylum acceptance has resulted in negative outcomes and impact on the Swedish economy. There is insufficient data that shows the benefits and advantages of refugees on the Swedish economy, as well as the overall European community. Far-Right assumptions and accusations suggest that refugees and asylum seekers have been the major reason behind the downfall of the Swedish economy. The main agents of conflict in this scenario would be the far-right supporters and the immigrant/refugee/asylum communities as well as their supporters with regards to the Swedish market and economy. The purpose of this research is to shift the perspective from a negative harsh view on immigration to a more positive beneficial sense that shows the advantages of which accompany the refugee influx, and highlights the benefits of increased asylum acceptance. I will be using statistical data from the Swedish Migration Agency and other resources to accompany my thesis as well as Voting Data statistics of the recent years and the changes that occurred over time with reference to population data. The clear problem that arises in this specific topic, is the heavy focus on the negative attributes associated with immigrants and the negative connotations associated with the term ‘refugees’ in general. The specific aim of this dissertation is to answer the following question. To what extent has the refugee crisis impacted the Swedish economy and what is its correlation to the rise of Neo-Nazi Far-Right support? I've attached my current draft with all comments added. The paper needs to be restrutuctred and all the comments are explained in detail in each section. There are sections missing that need to be added. Add glossary section at the beginging of the paper including important defintions that will be discussed in the paper such as : Neo-Nazism Facism Racism Far-Right Far-Left Democracy Immigration Asylum Acceptance Refugee Crisis Immigration & Anti-Immigration Policies Nationalism Xenophobia Islamophobia Humanitarian Aid & Activism The paper is also missing clear hypothesis that should be stated at the begining of the paper and discussed in the discussion section at the end. The aim is of the paper is to fill a gap in literature Also all references need to be edited to APA form The paper is worth 60% of my grade. I've added a structure sample of what the layout should look like something similar to this but with furhter subsections and more detail Abstract Glossary Positionality Statement Chapter A : Introduction Chapter B : Literature Review Chapter C : Methodology Chapter D : Discussion Chapter E : Conclusion References

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